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Our religious education program is designed to meet the needs of all students 1st-12th grade.  We have a wonderful relationship with the Adrian Public School system.  On Thursday and Fridays during the school year, religious release time is offered and students grades 1-4 have an hour long class at the St. Adrian Education Building right next door.  Classes for grades 5-11 are offered on Wednesday nights throughout the school year in both Adrian and Wilmont depending on which parish you belong to.  St. Adrian students have class at the Education Center in Adrian and students from St. Anthony, St. Kilian, and Our Lady of Good Counsel meet at the preschool building in Wilmont. 

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Pam Konz is our Faith Formation director and is involved with the students from all four parishes and all grade levels.  She teaches most of the Friday release time classes and oversees the Wednesday night classes.  Her office is in the Education Center in Adrian.  She works late morning until late afternoon or evening during the school year.  She is out of the office during June and July. Her office phone number is (507) 483-2480 and her email address is

Shannon Reker works with the youth on events outside of the normal classes.  She is a chaperone for Youth Events such as Steubenville North and DCYC.  She is willing to do bible studies and other types of fun activities for interested youth.  She is also the four parish bookkeeper and can be found in the Education Center building during normal business hours Monday-Friday.  Call her if you are interested in going to any youth events or want to start something fun.  She can be reached at the office by phone: (507) 483-2319 or by email: 


Steubenville North 2011

Just one of our many exciting summer events!

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