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We are a 3-Parish Cluster in Southwest MN.  St. Kilian is no longer an active parish.  We have 4 churches located in 4 different towns but having the same priest. 

Our churches are easy to find.  They are on the main streets of the towns and they are the tallest buildings (minus elevators) in the towns.

St. Adrian Church


Located on Maine Ave, this street goes straight through the heart of Adrian from North to South.


Our Lady of Good Counsel Church


Located on the corner of 4th Ave and 7th St, you can't miss this church.  Fourth Avenue is the main street in the town and Seventh Street runs all the way through town from East to West.


St. Kilian Church- Oratory


Located on Emerald Ave, this church is basically the only thing left in this town.  The hardest part will be finding the town :)


St. Anthony Church


Located on S. 3rd Ave, this street is the main street of the town and contains most of Lismore's businesses.


Please Enlarge the maps for a better view of how to get to Adrian, Lismore, St. Kilian, and Wilmont.